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“Mochaware group”

Mochaware pottery

Circa 1820 ~ 1890

“Peace Destroying the Implements of War”

Felspathic stoneware relief

Bas-relief on white felspathic stoneware teapot. Circa 1810.

“Charlotte Weeping at the Tomb of Werther”

Black basalt relief

Bas-relief on black basalt sucrier, attrib. to Adams.
Circa 1810.

Transfer printed
creamware jugs

Creamware pottery

Circa 1790 ~ 1810

Salt-glazed stoneware group

Saltglazed stoneware pottery

Circa 1730 ~ 1810

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Welcome to CeramicsBooks.Com

We specialise in selling books about antique and modern ceramics, we offer a wide range of book titles, both new and used, covering British earthenwares, stonewares and porcelain as well as non British pottery too.

English earthenware lion

Our aim is to provide a rich source of material for the ceramics collector and researcher as well as essential reference books for antiques dealers. Many of the books we deal in are out of print and many are scarce or rare, some books are published in very small numbers (from around 250 to 1000 copies). Our policy is to source books and journals from a wide range of sources including small publishers, societies & groups and even directly from authors. We hope that this commitment to obtaining as wide a range of books and other publications as possible dedicated to all things ceramic and offering them from a single site will provide a useful source of research material for authors, collectors, students and researchers of British and other pottery and porcelain.

Featured Books:

Book, Maling pottery

Maling The Trade Mark of Excellence

By Steven Moore & Catherine Ross.

A well researched book covering the products of the Maling pottery in Newcastle in the north of England. The ceramics of C. T. Maling & Sons are now collected world-wide. With a history stretching from 1762 to the eventual closure in 1963 this pottery was an important part of British ceramic history. 96 Pages which include 150 b/w pl. and 33 full colour pl. 3rd Edition published 1997. Paperback. New condition.

Price: 22.00

The Herculaneum Pottery, Liverpool’s Forgotton Glory        By Peter Hyland

The latest and most in-depth study of the Liverpool Herculaneum Pottery. A lavishly illustrated book covering a vast range of ceramic products including pearlware, creamware, black basalt, yellow transfer ware and many others which were produced from 1796 to 1840. A large paperback with xv + 272 pages including 197 full colour pl. & 11 b/w pl. 1st Edition, 2005.. New condition.

Price: 26.00

Book, Herculaneum pottery

Chelsea Porcelain

Book, Chelsea porcelain

By Elizabeth Adams

A beautifully illustrated study of the Chelsea Porcelain factory. This book is extremely well researched and a must for all those interested in English porcelain. A large hardback with pictorial laminated boards, 208 pages including 159 full colour pl. & 64 b/w pl. Published by the British Museum Press, 2001. RRP is 65.00 we are selling this book at a huge discount. New condition.

Price now: 15.00

Special Offer! (was 18.00)

Dudson A Family of Potters Since 1800

By Audrey M. Dudson

The most comprehensive study of the Dudson Pottery available. Written by a member of the Dudson family with access to a vast wealth of previously unpublished material. Dudson produced a wide range of wares including moulded jugs, black basalt, jasperware, mochaware and much more. Hardback book with dj., xiv + 284 Pages including colour frontis. & 25 pages of col. pls. & approx. 435 b/w pl. 1st Edition, 1985 limited to 2000 copies. New condition.

Price: 30.00

Book, Dudson potters
Book, Hans Coper ceramics

Hans Coper

By Tony Birks

This is the new 2005 edition of this important book on one of the most famous of studio potters. The background to Coper’s work is covered in detail alongside a wealth of examples beautifully photographed. Originally published in 1983. PB with 224 pp. incl. 221 b/w pl. and 59 col. pl. New condition. Offered at a low price.

Price: 12.00

Poole Pottery Collectors Club

Magazine 2008 Issue No 1.

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale the new Poole Pottery collectors club magazine. This is issue No. 1 and is available in limited quantities only. Contents include: Leslie Elsden, Twintone, Nicola Massarella, The Alfred Read Years and auction watch. A5 size PB with 24 pp. including full colour throughout. New condition.

Price: 4.50

booklet, Poole Pottery


Over the years we have built up a large bibliography of pottery and porcelain books. This was a research tool used for private purposes but we have decided to make this resource available for free to users of this site. The bibliography is searchable using your browsers ‘Find’ function and includes far more information about each book than is usually found (such as number of illustrations, subject list etc.). A basic version is now available which will be updated regularly with more books as time permits.

Image Gallery:

We have also made available for viewing a large gallery of original photographic images of ceramics from the Bohanna Collection. This collection, built up over 20 years at least, includes many neglected wares such as treacleware (so-called Rockingham), felspathic stoneware, black basalt, yellow transfer printed brownware (formerly incorrectly called Portobello ware), Jackfield (shining black), red stoneware, saltglazed stoneware, mochaware and banded wares as well as others.

Publishers, Museums, Societies, Collectors and Authors

If you have published or written any material concerning British ceramics then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking to include more book titles on this site and would be happy to negotiate buying unsold or overstock books, remainders, back-issues, new publications, journals and newsletters etc.. We can help to promote your books to a wider audience.

We also buy second-hand ceramics books from single copies to entire collections. If you have any ceramics titles that you wish to sell then please contact us for an appraisal and fair offer.

Mailing List:

From time to time we send out our catalogue and special offers by email. If you would like to join our mailing list then please contact us at: enquiries@ceramicsbooks.com and state: “Add to list, ceramicsbooks.com” in the subject line or text.

We Also Sell:

ANTIQUE CERAMICS. A choice selection of high quality antique British ceramics. Genuine C18th and C19th pottery at realistic prices, many from the Bohanna Collection. We have a great deal of knowledge in British ceramics derived from direct experience in archaeological excavations, primary research and of course over 20 years of collecting and trading in British ceramics as well as books. We always give a full and completely honest condition report on all our items and we pack to a very high professional standard.

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