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“Mochaware group”

Mochaware pottery

Circa 1820 ~ 1890

“Peace Destroying the Implements of War”

Felspathic stoneware relief

Bas-relief on white felspathic stoneware teapot. Circa 1810.

“Charlotte Weeping at the Tomb of Werther”

Black basalt relief

Bas-relief on black basalt sucrier, attrib. to Adams.
Circa 1810.

Transfer printed
creamware jugs

Creamware pottery

Circa 1790 ~ 1810

Salt-glazed stoneware group

Saltglazed stoneware pottery

Circa 1730 ~ 1810

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White felspathic stoneware teapot

Item code: AP220


White felspathic stoneware teapot, obverse
White felspathic stoneware teapot, reverse


A white felspathic stoneware teapot which is a rare example of the plain white variety without the usual blue line highlights. Made circa 1800 to 1810 in the so called Castleford style. However the base is impressed with the number '22' and current research strongly suggests that this indicates that the teapot was made by Sowter & Co., at the Mexborough Pottery in South Yorkshire. See "The Castleford Pottery 1790 - 1821" by Diana Edwards (1982).

The teapot has a sliding lid with a daisy chain gallery around the neck. The panelled body is moulded with acanthus leaves and other floral motifs. It has an applied sprig (bas-relief) on each side. Obverse side = "Hebe Feeding the Eagle" (a rare sprig subject). Reverse side = "Peace Destroying the Implements of War". Glazed with a fine vapour glaze (also known as smear glazed)

14.3cm high to top of lid finial (approx. 5.6 inches).

Bas-relief / sprig, Hebe feeding the eagle
Bas-relief / sprig, Peace destroying the implements of war


Lid has been broken in 2 pieces and re-glued with 2 chunks missing and several shallow chips on edge. Teapot has tiny chip on thumbpiece of handle. On obverse side a crack runs from rim down to and across base (stops at edge). On reverse side a 'self-contained' / internal crack in 'C' shape on side of body. See photos.

white felspathic stoneware teapot - base, lid

Item code: AP220




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