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“Mochaware group”

Mochaware pottery

Circa 1820 ~ 1890

“Peace Destroying the Implements of War”

Felspathic stoneware relief

Bas-relief on white felspathic stoneware teapot. Circa 1810.

“Charlotte Weeping at the Tomb of Werther”

Black basalt relief

Bas-relief on black basalt sucrier, attrib. to Adams.
Circa 1810.

Transfer printed
creamware jugs

Creamware pottery

Circa 1790 ~ 1810

Salt-glazed stoneware group

Saltglazed stoneware pottery

Circa 1730 ~ 1810

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Treacleware (Rockingham brown glazed earthenware) chocolate or loving cups, circa 1840-1860. For sale. treacleware.co.uk

 AP/393 and AP/394

Two similar (but not matching) chocolate cups or possibly loving cups. British treacleware, made circa 1840-1860

Price for pair 50.00

AP/393 Treacleware chocolate cups, obverse (rockingham glaze) treacleware.co.uk

Two earthenware two-handled cups, they are either loving cups or chocolate cups. Each is glazed all over with a brown treacleware glaze, the cup on the right is slightly lighter brown than the other. Each has its own applied clay leaves / flower sprig, repeated obverse and reverse sides. They have extruded fluted handles, turned feet and bases and each has a different band of impressed rouletting below the rim. These are good examples of early English treacleware, probably made by a small pottery, possibly even a country pottery, made around 1840 to 1860

Right cup has 4 small to medium chips on rim plus other very minor nicks elsewhere. No cracks. No restoration. Left cup has 2 longish overlapping chips on rim plus a few very minor nicks elsewhere. No cracks. No restoration.

9.6cm high to top of handle (approx. 3.8") &
9.9cm high to top of handle (approx. 3.9")

AP/393 Treacleware chocolate cups, reverse (rockingham glaze) treacleware.co.uk
AP/393 Treacleware chocolate cups, bases (rockingham glaze) treacleware.co.uk
AP/393 Treacleware chocolate cups, tops (rockingham glaze) treacleware.co.uk

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