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“Mochaware group”

Mochaware pottery

Circa 1820 ~ 1890

“Peace Destroying the Implements of War”

Felspathic stoneware relief

Bas-relief on white felspathic stoneware teapot. Circa 1810.

“Charlotte Weeping at the Tomb of Werther”

Black basalt relief

Bas-relief on black basalt sucrier, attrib. to Adams.
Circa 1810.

Transfer printed
creamware jugs

Creamware pottery

Circa 1790 ~ 1810

Salt-glazed stoneware group

Saltglazed stoneware pottery

Circa 1730 ~ 1810

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Image Galleries ~ The Bohanna Collection

Treacleware (Rockingham), Jackfield wares

Salt-Glazed stoneware

Black Basalt, caneware

Felspathic (feldspathic) stoneware

Lustre wares

Transfer & bat printed wares

Hand-painted pearlware & creamware

Sprigged pearlwares, moulded wares

Mochaware, slipware, other earthenwares

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