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“Mochaware group”

Mochaware pottery

Circa 1820 ~ 1890

“Peace Destroying the Implements of War”

Felspathic stoneware relief

Bas-relief on white felspathic stoneware teapot. Circa 1810.

“Charlotte Weeping at the Tomb of Werther”

Black basalt relief

Bas-relief on black basalt sucrier, attrib. to Adams.
Circa 1810.

Transfer printed
creamware jugs

Creamware pottery

Circa 1790 ~ 1810

Salt-glazed stoneware group

Saltglazed stoneware pottery

Circa 1730 ~ 1810

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Condition and descriptions:
We sell a mixture of second hand (used) and new books. The majority of titles are out of print and many are scarce or very rare. Naturally most second hand books will not be in pristine condition. It would be impossible for us to list every single fault and tiny defect of second hand books. We will always do our best to list all major condition issues and give a fair description. However it must be understood that a complete description is simply not possible. Weights given are gross, i.e. they include a small amount for packaging.
If you are a book collector and condition is of paramount importance to you then we strongly recommend that you contact us first before buying any book to request a more thorough evaluation if available.

We do NOT operate any official book condition description system because in our experience we have found that these systems are not familiar to all our customers which can cause confusion and alienation. Generally speaking we describe condition on the following scale (best condition first):

  • New
  • Mint (as new)
  • Excellent or Fine
  • V. Good
  • Good
  • Poor or Readable Copy.

NOTE: Clear covers on dust jackets: It is our policy to cover some dust jackets on second hand books with a clear acetate cover. This is NOT adhesive and can easily be removed (no tape of any kind is used to hold it in place). These covers serve to protect the dust jackets. In rare cases there may already be a clear cover in place which is adhesive and so not removable - we will state this in every case where applicable.



A few abbreviations are used in our descriptions to save space, as follows:

bce = Book Club Edition
b/w = Black and white (photos etc.)
col. = Colour (as in colour plates)
d.j. or d/j. or d/w = Dust jacket (Outer sleeve or jacket used to protect cover boards)
ed. = Edition, Editor. (e.g. 2nd ed. or edited by)
ex-libris. = Ex-Library book
ffep. = Front end paper (pages at front of book before main text)
HB. = Hard back (book with stiff board covers)
illustr. = Illustrated, Illustrations
nd. = No date (published date not available or found)
PB. = Paper back (soft cover)
pl. = Plate (as in photographic type images) (pls. = Plates)
pp. = Pages
pub. = Publisher / Published by
rfep.= Rear end papers (pages at rear of book after text)
w. = With
Foxing = Brown spotting (common on older books especially).

Post & Packing

Postage will be calculated at checkout. The more you buy, generally the cheaper the postage will work out. There is a weight limit for overseas book post using the printed papers rate & surface mail rate, which is usually between 2 and 5 Kg depending on country, after this the post becomes much more expensive because courier companies need to be used.
We pack most paperback books in padded envelopes and most hard backs are sent in cardboard boxes or professional book boxes.

Wholesale and Discounts

We will consider wholesale enquiries on an individual basis. Please contact us directly with enquiries. Discounts for larger retail orders will be made available from time to time as special offers which will be notified on our homepage or in promotional emails.



CeramicsBooks.Com is a division of PBC Trading, formerly known as Paul Bohanna Ceramics. The original founder of the business, Paul Bohanna, has had a strong personal interest in antique British ceramics for over 25 years, having spent some time, previous to being in business, working in the archaeology department of the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery. During that time he acquired considerable familiarity with the British ceramic products of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. His special interest was the post-medieval ceramic production of the Bristol Pottery as well as the Bristol clay tobacco pipe manufacturers in general. He has given numerous public talks on these subjects in the Bristol City Museum and to local history and archaeological groups.

Over the years a large private library of books on British ceramics has been built up for research purposes. In the process the knowledge of the market gained by collecting inevitably led to the formation of CeramicsBooks.Com which now specialises in selling ceramics books. As well as books on ceramics, a substantial collection of antique British pottery was also collected and that too has led to many years of dealing in British ceramics.

Paul Bohanna is also a studio potter producing high quality art pottery that has been recognised by the Crafts Council and sold through art galleries. These ceramics are produced in tiny quantities and are in high demand. Paul has a combined 1st Class BSc Honours degree in Business Computer Systems & Ceramics.




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